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Dubb is an all-inclusive sales platform that lets you create connections, conversations and conversions.

Dubb is for the busy person willing to use video to increase Visibility, Authority and Improve Open Rates and Engagement…

After Completing this self-paced Course you will:

  • Learn how to use video to book more calls
  • Save you time connecting with prospects
  • Increase Your Engagement

Create A Relationship With Video

With Dubb you can quickly and easily create videos that communicate your message in an effective way. The application is built with versatility, flexibility & usability so it’s easy for anyone to use no matter what their profession or industry size! Start by creating relationships first. 

  • Are you looking for a way to develop better relationships with your customers and boost sales? 
  • This Dubb workshop and training will focus on using video to build stronger relationships and close more deals and make you a SUPERHERO 
  • Dubb is a unique sales solution that allows you to send personalized video messages directly to your customers and prospects, saving you time and effort daily.
  • Dubb is the perfect tool for producing improved relationships with your customers and prospects using video introductions and recommendations.
  • Using Dubb video, you'll stand out from the competition, make a lasting impression, develop your authority, and generate ROCKSTAR revenue.
  • With Dubb, you can easily create and send videos introducing yourself, explaining your products or services, providing customer testimonials, or following up after a meeting.
Using Dubb to Develop Your Impact
Content Creation

Develop content that delivers a clear goal and outcome.

Build Authority

Sharing your knowledge and industry information builds authority

Increase Visibility

Dubb is a solution that will get you noticed with every message

Thought Leadership

Your content, increased visibility, and authority produce your leadership

Use Dubb to 

GO LIVE And Grow Your Audience

if you're in business… you need dubb

What you’ll Learn

Module 1

We will begin by outlining the strategy of your implementation. We will cover several areas Dubb has excelled in delivering results and how you can directly improve your outcomes.


Next, we will review the desktop and mobile phone installation. Additionally, we will review the extensive integrations and implementations you can use for your business applications.

Creating Video

In Module 3, we will start the fun of creating your video. We will address a few issues that often challenge new users and help you get comfortable and start producing like a professional.

Landing Pages

First impressions make a difference. You're going to create landing pages like a ROCKSTAR. So we'll cover layouts and presets and share how to consistently produce lasting impressions.

Develop Campaigns

Campaigns are an advanced feature, and we want to make sure to share the potential of how powerful Dubb actually is. This module will cover the opportunities this feature delivers.

launch Automation

When you include Automation in your content creation and campaigns, you can unleash the power of Dubb. Reviewing this advanced feature to communicate potential outcomes is essential.

Your DUBB GUide

Russ Johns

Russ is a content creator and technology enthusiast. He is certified in Dubb Training, Livestreaming, and Podcasting. Russ believes that everyone has something valuable to share with the world, and he enjoys helping people find their voice and share their message.
Help More People Help More People
When he's not creating content or helping others create theirs, Russ can be found exploring new technologies or spending time with his family.
#kindnessiscool  And #smilesarefree

Our Approach


Connect your existing software or leverage ours. Manage the entire sales process with Dubb’s CRM and get real-time data reporting on tasks, contacts & deal flow for a more powerful management experience at hand
Connecting to Dubb is easy!

Create Unforgettable Video

Personalized video messages are a great way to make an impact in your sales communication. They allow you the opportunity for one-on-one connections with clients and give them more of what they want - which is often how brands are able get ahead these days!

Build Extraordinary Landing Pages

Design your own landing pages Create an engaging, creative campaign with fully customizable templates and presets. Landing pages are an important parts in your digital marketing strategy. They allow you to get people's attention and convert them into customers by using personalized templates, playlists with calls-to action that guide visitors through an easy process towards buying something from scratch or completing a lead magnet download within minutes! #LoveMyDubb

Send Fabulous Campaigns To Scale

Dubb helps maximize your outreach via video, email, and SMS campaigns.
Sending video messages at scale is possible without sacrificing personalization for higher conversion rates. Maximizing your reach and engagement helps increase sales conversions exponentially and create a loyal community that will evangelize your brand to their community.

Develop Amazing Automation And Workflows

With Dubb, you can create data-driven content to engage your audience and maximize conversions. Utilize automated workflows for increased productivity by utilizing our team of experts to help set up the perfect drip sequences that fit any brand's needs! #LoveMyDubb

Why we're the best

See How Easily You Can Maximize Conversions

Take your business communication to the next level with personalized, trackable videos. Convey a positive message without ever having to say anything by using Dubb's video chat technology that puts you in control and brings out your personality!

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Personalized Dubb Course

When you bring the relationship back to sales, it lets your entire process flow better and captivates more attention. It doesn't matter if all that is missing is a smile or hand-written note - we're not just marketing here! We're creating conversations and relationships.

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Create Better Relationships 

Dubb is the perfect way to streamline your communication with everyone. With its versatility and flexibility, you'll be able talk more effectively no matter what field or industry that involves! Get it today - we know how much sense this makes

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